Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enraged Music Instructor

Watch this video for a good laugh.

Enraged Music Instructor!

Preparing for our upcoming presentation!


12 max/ 12 min for questions

each person speaks for 2 minutes.

Video: 1-2 mins


“Just show up in the studio, even if you aren’t feeling inspired on that day” –Jacki B

emphasized the fact that the most important thing to do in continuing to grow as an artist is to simply show up in your creative space, rather it is a studio or practice space….but if that is the most important thing, what happens when you don’t have a place to show up too?

SLIDE 1: Mission Statement Quote (SAMMI)

Brief Introduction

Who we are…the poor musician, a non-profit organization

What is our opportunity (sammi/caitlin)

SLIDE 2/3: What is our Solution: an online network (TAM/AUBREE)

a. What have we done?

-we figured out how to consciously construct an online network that will sustain itself

b. What is our credibility?

- raised awareness: getting students involved

- communicated ideas

- built a community

- career center, alumni relations, etc.

SLIDE 4: What is our future...where we are going (CAITLIN)

-selling what it could become

-WHAT DO WE NEED to make this GREAT

-if you gave us money where would it go?!!!

SLIDE 5: NEXT STEP: expanding our WEB presence

-creating a web page URL/ online platform

-hosting an alumni event

-WEBPAGE…what we would want from this: instant, direct emails to alumni, google map

-increasing our data base, expanding our city networks

SLIDE 6: Conclusions: LOGO (group)

-the goal of this whole thing was our bigger picture but due to time and budget restraints we had to scale down our project. However we knew that the important part was fostering a community, which lead us to build a network for musicians of all ages and talents. Once we have the support of the community, the soul of our project, we knew a physical space could thrive in the future.





-Current budget

-Future budget…future growth

-Marketing ??

Friday, May 28, 2010

Customers: Bullet Point for Marketing Plan

Identification of customers: Musicians of all ages, levels, and backgroups who are within the LU network

Various customer segments:
1. LU Seniors/Upcoming graduates: These customers are looking for a way to establish connections and are most excited about this organization.
*Target using various social media platforms (FB, blogs, videos, etc), 3 informational seminars in the LU Conservatory & at the Career Center, Seniors Are you Ready Yet?

2. Recent LU alumni: (1-5 years out of school) These customers are looking for a way to establish connections and/or give back to their alma mater. They may have strong feelings toward LU and can easily relate with the stresses of graduation.
*Targeted using email and social media

3. Older LU alumni: (5+ years out of school) These customers are looking for ways to "give back" to Lawrence University. They are eager to help the poor musician with contact information and connections. They may also be potential monetary supporters. These customers are essential to our company because they are the "product."
*Targeted using email, social media, the alumni office, and the career center.
**Potential target would be alumni weekends, where the poor musician could raise funding.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Just FYI - I also uploaded the video to the Facebook group wall. It should show up shortly when it's done "processing". If any of you admins are Facebook friends with the people in the video please tag them!

The Poor Musician Network - Final Cut

A 2 minute promotional video to help everyone figure out what we're all about.
Many thanks to Alex Bunke for putting this all together for us!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Alex Bunke created an amazing video for us! We really need to write him a thank you card or do something nice... maybe itunes gift card like Caitlin suggested?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New logo created by MAD Designs

What does everyone think? I like the idea, but I would rather have the inside of the guitar case lime green to match our brand.
Yes, No, Maybe So?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Interesting article

Since we are studying Entrepreneurship and our group happens to be the women group, this article from the Wall Street Journal (link) might be of interest.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I think this is a great idea! Having moved to Chicago after Lawrence and not knowing anyone, I know how hard it is to get a music career started in a new place. Fortunately, it's worked out pretty well for me and I'm always happy to help a fellow Lawrentian. I do not have a piano or practice space so I can't help you with that idea, but I've made a lot of connections and occasionally have gigs, jobs, etc., to pass along.
Good luck with your project!
-Natalie Hall (cellist)

New Images!